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What is Syncee about?

Syncee delivers a powerful, easy to use & 100% cloud-based solution to import and export your product and order information from Shopify. With its simple step-by-step wizard, you can easily import and export information within a few minutes. Let's get started:

Syncee automatically updates and synchronizes your suppliers' product lists with your online store. It supports only Shopify at the moment

With our easy to use drop-down field mapping tool, you can integrate your suppliers' data feed into your e-commerce system.

Why choose Syncee? 

- Zero setup cost

- No programming skills required

- Automatic product updates and pricing

It does not matter what your suppliers' data feed format is, we can handle it.
Moreover, we have many connection methods to add the data feed, such as FTP, Dropbox, URL or Google Docs, but the list could go on. You can read more about the product import in more details here.

Syncee provides a flexible method to price your products. You can add fixed and/or percentage profit margins to the created product categories or price ranges. Learn more about pricing and subscriptions.

Is there anything you think is not covered in the documentation? If you've run into a problem, or have a question, let us know by posting it in the syncee.io community, and we'll do our best to guide you through your next data load.

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