There are two ways of cancelling your Syncee subscription.

#By uninstallation

You can cancel Syncee subscription by uninstallng our app.

To uninstall it, log in to your own store's admin page and in the app's menu look for Syncee and delete it.

#By changing the plans

You can cancel your subscription in your Syncee account as well.

Click on your name next to the gear icon in the bottom of the menu bar in your Syncee account, then click on the Billing menu.

There you have to set both the Marketplace and the DataFeed Manager solutions' packages to be Starter.

Once it is set to be Starter-Starter, you have to click on the Change Subscription button to save the changes. After this your subscription will be cancelled immediately.

Please be noted: each store requires a separate susbcription plan with us, so if you have two - or more - stores, always be sure you cancel the right plan of the right store.

If you have an issue with uninstalling or downgrading Syncee, feel free to contact us via the email address or via our in-app chat.

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