If you decided to purchase Syncee or upgrade/downgrade your plan, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Syncee account via our login page or from your own store's admin page if it is possible.
  2. On the bottom-left corner of the side bar menu in Syncee click on your name next to the gear icon.
  3. There you will see the Billing menu. Click on it.
  4. In the Billing menu first choose which of your store's subscription you would like to manage if you use more online shops at Syncee.
  5. After that, you can subscribe to a Syncee plan or upgrade/downgrade your current plans. You can manage both the Marketplace and the DataFeed Manager subscription plans here. You can always see the details and status of your active plan here.
  6. Do not forget to click on the Change Subscription button when you finished making the changes.

The plan will activate immediately, so just lean back and enjoy your new Syncee subscription right away. Your credit card will be charged immediately unless you are using Shopify.

If you are NOT using Shopify: You are paying directly to Syncee, please turn to our support staff with financial issues.

If you are using Shopify: Please turn to their support staff with financial issues.

If you activate a subscription plan, your previous subscription will end immediately. and be replaced by the new one's charges.

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