When you are done with your task, the last step is the Summary step. You can see here the "SCHEDULER".

You can set here the frequency (in the example it's "every day"), the time (in the example it's 09:00) and your time zone (in the example it's +01:00 London)

With Syncee you can schedule your tasks to run at any given time in the future. You can run it automatically with all file connection types, except file upload.

Syncee will run the task every day if your task data is correct, and you have the proper plan.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT schedule two tasks at the same time as none of those tasks will run. For example: If you set two tasks to 5:00 am, none of them will run, but if you set them 1 hour apart like 4:00 am and 5:00 am, both of them will run. 

Remember, you can run your task once a day automatically and 5 times manually a day. If you want more automatic runs, read this article.

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