Here are the most common reasons of "why doesn't a task do the upload/update?":

1. Your task contains more products than your Syncee plan contains.

(Syncee does not run the task if the product number is more than that) 

2. You have already used your one manual daily run/task. Write us and we help you. 

3. Your task field mapping is not correct. Here is a few things what you need to check:

    price (not 0),
    ID (chain icon on the left side of the field mapping)
  • INVENTORY QUANTITY: if you have inventory quantity and all of the products are 0, Syncee won't upload these products.
  • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: if this setting is "Shopify tracks the quantity" and you do not have inventory quantity in the file (not mapped) Syncee won't upload the products because it's false data.
  • Using SKU or VARIANTS SKU: Important! DO NOT use one Field mapping to both of these fields.
  • FILTER: please check the filter step and make sure you haven't filtered all of the products. (you can check the product number in the summary step of the task)

If you checked these things and you can't upload or update your products, feel free to write us.

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