The answer is no.

Because like each application in Shopify, Syncee also communicates with your store through Shopify's API that has its limitations:

The API call limit operates using a "leaky bucket" algorithm as a controller. This allows for infrequent bursts of calls and allows your app to continue to make an unlimited amount of calls over time. Maximum 2 calls per second.

We suggest our customers: update once / day.

But we know, in some cases this is not enough. We can set more automatic run/day, but we need to see the product number and of course the data of these products to count how many times we can update/day properly in Shopify.

By default, every Syncee plan contains 5 manual and 1 scheduled run for each task every day.

Which plan do I need if I want to run my task automatically more times a day?

If you want more than the default update number, you need to count the number of products you have in the task, and multiply it with the frequency of the daily update. If you have this number, you can check our plans which contains the maximum number of products.

Also, before asking for more updates/day, ask your supplier about how many times they refresh the source file. Because maybe there is no reason for multiple updates every day.

If you have any questions or want to run your task more times a day, feel free to write us.

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