You can set price margin within the Syncee task.

If you add the Price field in the Field Mapping you will be able to set additional price margin (markup) to this price.

How to do this?

  1. Go to Syncee and click on the edit button of the right task, or just simply click on the name of the task.
  2. Click to the PRICING step (on the top of the wizard)
  3. Set the pricing rule. 

You will see this:

You can add a certain percentage extra and/or fix amount of money to your imported price. You are also able to create multiple price levels, ranging from 0 to ∞ in the given currency. After setting the scaled prices, you can add the extra percentage and the fix amount to each of them.

In this example, we set the margin to +20% and 0 fix AUD:

If you want to set the 0-100.00 and 100.01-∞ price range, click on the + icon and add the new pricing rule as follows:

4. If you added or changed the rules you need to save them. Click once to the DONE button on the bottom of the page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you uploaded the products with Syncee and want to change the pricing you need to run the task again. Choose the PRICING step in the wizard to start the process. So, if you want to change the pricing rule, just go back to the dashboard and click on RUN. 

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