Many things need to be considered before Syncee could upload images for the products.

The most important thing is that there need to be a URL of the image in your file that you use in Syncee as an import task. Please do not insert the image to the file.

Example for image URL is:

Note: this is just an example. We can't give you image URL if you do not have one in the file. 

Things you should pay attention to:

  • You need to map the images to the right field in the Field Mapping step. (You can also add more images if you would like to, just select all of them.)
  • DO NOT use Dropbox or Google Drive image URL, because Shopify doesn't accept it.
  • The suggested file size is maximum 4 MB/image (the max is 20 MB/image in Shopify, but it is more user-friendly if you use smaller file size photos). Your product images can be of any size up to 4472px by 4472px, or 20 megabytes.
  • Use .jpg format whenever it's possible.


  • Syncee can upload images ONLY when it creates the product, so it can't update image in your Shopify store. Suggested import task types: UPSERT or INSERT.
  • You can add "prefix" or "suffix" values if your supplier file doesn't use the proper value. Example: in your file, you only have: "images/product.jpg."
    Syncee is able to complete the full URL. Put value to the"prefix" field and Syncee will merge it with all image values.

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