If you would like to create your own CSV file, we recommend you to use Open Office or Libre Office.

Just add your CSV with the method that suits your source, e.g. URL, Dropbox or file upload, and fill out the settings.

By default, Syncee will set the Source file type to Auto, but we recommend to choose the exact extension of your file in case you know it. If you choose Auto and go to the next step, but your fields doesn't appear correctly, please get back to this step, and set the Settings approprietly.

You can also use your CSV file if it doesn't have a header. In this case, just leave the "First row is the header" box unmarked, and Syncee will name the rows with numbers. If you use this option and would like update the file, you have to make sure that the columns are in the correct order.

The End of line tag can be different in many systems, so if you set this Setting to Auto, but the fields doesn't appear correctly in the next step, please come back to this setting and enter the correct tag, delimiter and enclosure.

We always recommend to set these instead of leaving it in Auto, if you know them correctly.

It is important to emphasize that each file has a unique structure, so if you have difficulties adding it to Syncee, feel free to contact us any time.

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