If you want to use an XML file to import your products, please bear in mind the following things:

First of all, you have to manually choose the starting node of your products, from where your product list starts in the file. In our example above, the name of the starter field is "product" that contains the attributes of the products, like color, name, brand, ID etc.

Then click on the "Download" and the "Done" button to save your settings.

If the information you need does not appear in the next step, please come back to this page and modify the starting node.

Please note that Syncee doesn't read XSD files.

If the product details are stored in multiple XML files, you can add them to one Import task, as long as they belong to the same supplier and you use the same file sources, like URL or FTP.

It is important to emphasize that each file has a unique structure, so if you have difficulties adding it to Syncee, feel free to contact us any time.

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