In the second step of the product import, "Field Mapping", you can see certain settings after you connected one filed of your supplier data feed file to Shopify's field. In this article we will talk about the first two, Prefix and Suffix, if you want to know more about the others, read our other articles about Mapping Settings.

Click on the gear-wheel to see the settings.


If a certain details are missing from your supplier's data feed file, you can easily add them to the field using this setting. The Prefix will add the entered information BEFORE EVERY VALUE in that certain field.

It can be useful if your supplier didn't write the http:// before the link of your images, though you will need the full URL in order for Syncee to upload it. 


Using this option, Syncee will add an extra value AFTER EVERYTHING that is in that field. For instance, the .jpg after your images, if it's missing. You can also expand the value by adding a tag, if you enter a 'comma' and write the required tag in the field. After expanding the field with a tag, make sure you connect the supplier's field with a Shopify Tag field too.

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