How can you manage your inventory using Syncee?

In our Basic Mapping Settings you find a drop-down box where you can choose whether Shopify should track the inventory or not.

Please note that if you select that Shopify should track your inventory, you will need to match your quantity field in your supplier data feed file to Shopify's Inventory Quantity field in the "Field Mapping" step. Otherwise, it will not work.


Using Syncee you can set if you would like to allow customers whether they can purchase your product if it is out of stock. (You can also find this setting in your Shopify store)

Point of Sale visibility

There is an option in Syncee, where you can choose if you would like to publish the products to Point of Sale AND to your Online Store, or ONLY to your Online Store. In Syncee you can only post your products to these two Sales Channels.

Fulfillment Service

In your Syncee Import Task, you can choose if you would like to use your Fulfillment Service for the chosen products, and if yes, you can use which one. You cannot create a Fulfilment service with Syncee, it is only able to update/upload your settigs to Shopify. If you would like to create a Fulfillment Service, please read Shopify's explanation on how to do so.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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