Most importantly, if you would like to post a picture for your product, include the full URL in your source file. Please, do not insert the images in the file, becaue it is not Syncee that processes the images but Shopify's CDN system.

If certain details are missing from the source URL, for example the http:// from the beginning, use our Prefix setting in the "Field Mapping" step.

If the image URLs are included in one field of your file, feel free to use our Split to array setting in the "Field Mapping" step.

You can also upload images to your product variants too. In this case, there are important things you should know:

To upload an image to your product variant, you should have a Variant Image URL column in your CSV source file or have it in the block that contains the variant details in your XML file, and map it to Shopify's Variant Image field. If you do not have a column/block like this, Syncee will only be able to upload the picture as a Product image. Then you will have to choose the variant image in your Shopify store from the product images.

Renaming images

You can find this setting in the Update options of your wizard.

By default, Syncee send the image URL to Shopify's system once, when the task is running and Shopify handles the product upload and storeage.

However, there are some cases when this import is unsuccessful because of Shopify's system unavailibility. If you set that Syncee renames your images, we are able to track if the image upload was successful or not and we will try to upload the image until it is complete.
If you do not choose to rename the images with Syncee, it is probably better for SEO, if your image names are SEO-friendly.

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