In the second section of your Field Mapping step you can find the Basic Mapping Settings, that applies to the full Import Task as a whole.

1. Choose if you would like to instantly publish the uploaded products in your store.

2. Choose if you would like to charge taxes on the products.

3. If you allow Shopify to track the products' inventory, choose it from the drop-down box and do not forget to map the Inventory Quantity Shopify field to your supplier source file field. Otherwise, it will not work. If you want to know more about Inventory Management, read on.

4. Choose if you allow customers to purchase the products when they are out of stock.

5. Choose if the product requires shipping.

6. Choose the Fulfillment Service. Please note that here you CANNOT create a Fulfillment Service, only in your Shopify store. In Syncee you can only add them to the products. Read more here.

7. Select the Weight Unit. Syncee DOESN'T convert the supplier weight unit.

8. Choose if you would like to publish the product to Point of Sale AND your Online Store, or ONLY to your Online Store.

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