If there are certain products in your source file you do not want to upload, you can filter them in Syncee's import task wizard.

First and most importantly, please do not use filters in your source file, because Syncee might not recognize them properly. If you want to filter the products, use our in-built Basic or Advanced filtering options in the wizard.

Basic Filtering:

This is the third step in the Syncee import task wizard.

You can filter by Vendors, Product type, Collections and Images. Just set them as you wish and you will be able to see its result instantly. 

Syncee automatically highlights each product from your feed with the check-mark and the green frame. If you do not wish to use the above mentioned filters, just want to ignore a couple of items, click on the products and the frame will disappear, so Syncee will not upload them.

If there are products in your feed without image and you do not want to post them, simply choose the "Do not upload products without images" option.

Learn more about the Advanced filters here.

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