After adding Syncee to your Shopify account, you can start the process of importing your suppliers' data feed. Based on the quantity of your product numbers (not on variant SKUs), we have created 10 packages to suit your needs.

Our plans are the following:

  • Nano: 500 products - $19/month
  • Micro: 1,000 products - $29/month
  • Mini: 3,000 products - $39/month
  • Basic: 5,000 products - $69/month
  • Business: 10,000 products - $99/month
  • Plus: 20,000 products - $129/month
  • Professional: 30,000 products - $199/month
  • Enterprise: 50,000 products - $249/month
  • Enterprise Plus: 100,000 products - $499/month
  • Enterprise Extra: 150,000 products - $699/month

As you can see here, our pricing is NOT based on variant SKUs like in any other companies in the industry, but on the amount of products you would like to upload/update.

Every package contains:

  • 5 manual updates/task/day
  • 1 automated update/task/day
  • step-by-step wizard to help you with the import
  • unlimited suppliers can be added
  • free support

Our free 14-day-long trial contains up to 30 products, 10 manual runs/task/day. The free trial immediately ends when you subscribe to any of our plans.

A task means a product managing process of one supplier.

Manual update means: You can manually start the task to upload and update the products in your store.
Automated update means: The task will start in a pre-scheduled time, it will upload and update the products.

To proceed with Syncee after or during the trial, you need to choose the plan which fits the amount of products you want to import.

Please note that if the amount of the imported products exceeds the number of products in the purchased package, you will receive an error message in case of manual updating and an email notification in case of automatic updating.

It is possible to have more than one auto update per day. In this case, you need to multiply the product amount with the number of times you would like to update the products. For instance, if you have 2,000 products and want to update it 5 times a day, you need to purchase a plan that enables you to handle 10,000 products.

Credit card is not required in the Syncee Dashboard, you only need to add it to your Shopify account.

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