If you want to run your Upsert or Upload import task but Syncee shows an error message or doesn't run it, please check the following things:

- Does your plan contain enough product amount to run your task?

- Did you run the task today? Remember, you have one manual and one scheduled running/task/day.

- Did you use the ID "chain icon" in the Field Mapping step? What is this ID?

- Do you have Title and Price in your source file? Syncee won't upload products without these. Please note that the price cannot be 0.

- If you have inventory quantity in your feed, it cannot be 0.

- If you mapped your Inventory in the Field Mapping step, please choose in the Basic Mapping Settings that "Shopify tracks this products' inventory".

- If your product has variants, make sure you have the necessary fields: price, quantity, variant SKU.

- If you have variants, make sure that all of the combinations are unique and use the Option Value fields adequately. Remember, you can only use this field 3 times.

- Is the Option Value 1, 2, 3 unique? You cannot name more than one value the same way. Learn more about product variants.

- Make sure you didn't set at the filter step that Syncee shouldn't upload products without images. If you set this, the products that does not have a URL for the image in the source file, won't be uploaded.

If the issue is not solved using these tips, do not hesitate to contact Syncee's support staff.

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