Here is an article that explains everything about the numbers shown on the Syncee Dashboard's Home Page.

The image above shows the very first page you will see when you log in.

- The first number shows the number of products you uploaded that day.

- The second number indicates the number of products you updated that day.

On the right-hand side, you will see the following block:

The name is the name of the online store you connected with Syncee. If you have more stores connected, you will see more block like this. Each presents the details of one shop.

Starting from the bottom, the date shows how long your subscription lasts and the word next to it is the name of your subscribed plan.

The number above the plan's name, shows how many products you can manage in this plan.

The Managed products presents the product amount you have already used from the plan. We add together the number of products you uploaded and updated. It is important to note that if one product was imported with Syncee previously, but since its upload is got deleted from the data feed file, Syncee will still count that product here in the Managed products amount. The reason for this is that Syncee is still checking that product whether it will reappear in the data feed again.

So, if you upload 1,000 products, but later 100 gets out of the data feed file, and you upload 100 new, it will be 1,100 in the Managed products count.

If you know that some of your products are not in the data feed file anymore and your supplier does not sell them anymore, delete them from your store. Syncee will not count these products as "managed products" when you run the update or upsert task the next time.

Important to know, that if you already reached your daily managed product number and run a task with Upsert or Import, Syncee will not upload new products, but it will update the already uploaded products with the new information.

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