Syncee can upload and update Brandsdistribution products. We have a solution to daily download the file from them automatically.

What do we need to do this?
You need to be subscribed to Brandsdistribution's drop shipping plan and you need a Syncee subscription too.

We have to integrate your Brandsdistribution account to your Syncee task so we can show you a few example how these products look like in your store. 

Then we can upload the rest of them, if you need it. 

We suggest you the Syncee BUSINESS plan for this product number, depends on how many times you want to update it every day (once or twice). If you want to update more times, you will need greater plan in our app.

So, you will have to send us your Brandsdistribution API key and password, and choose or tell which language you want to use. As soon as we have these information, we are going to import a few example to your Shopify store.

Feel free to contact our support staff for further details.

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