Would you like to update your variants without adding anything new to your online store? Then, Syncee's Variant update was created just for you!

You can find this option in your Syncee Dashboard.

This feature allows you to update already uploaded variants in your store. It is great for variant quantity or price updates.

To use this feature, you need a data feed file that contains the variant SKUs, or variant barcode, that Syncee can use to identify the products in your store.

What can Syncee do with my variants?

  • update quantity or price or any other required field
  • it won't delete any variants from the store
  • it won't add new ones
  • it won't set your quantity to 0

How is it different from the normal Product update task?

The product update task not only updates variants, but creates new variants if you have any in your data feed. It also deletes data if you want. The original product update tasks are created to handle product management, not variant management.

What about the price?

Each plan will contain 5 times as many variant number as product number. So our smallest plan is designed for 500 products, but you will also be able to use it to update 2,500 variants with it using the Variant update task. Please note, that if you already used up your 500 limit for product upload, you won't be able to update variants with the same plan on the same day. This goes the other way around too.

Let us know if you have questions.

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