Here are all the crucial facts you need to know about how Syncee imports and updates products to your store:

  • We count product number not Variant SKU number.
  • We only import the products that you selected in the filter step.
  • Please note that if your supplier adds new products to the data feed file and your task is set to Upsert or Import, Syncee will upload those products as well.
  • By default, Syncee doesn't import products that are out of stock. As a result, the number of products may be less than what you see on the Summary page. If you would like to change this, here is the guide how to do it.
  • If your filtered product number is higher than your allowed product management number of your subscription, the upload will not start.
  • If you already have products in your store that Syncee uploaded previously, but now you exceed the allowed managed product number in your task, Syncee won't upload new products, but it will update the ones which are already in your store. (if the task is set to Upsert or Update)

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