The third step of the Export task is the Filter.

Here you can choose which products you want to remove from yur export, or keep in your export file. You need to use only one of these, the one which suits your requirements the most.

You can filter the products based on several criteria, like Product type (e.g. clothes, accessories, jewelry, etc.) or Vendor (e.g. Adidas, Nike, Tom Tailor etc).

You can also choose to export the products whose price equals or is lower or higher than a certain amount of money. You can do the same with inventory quantity.

Moreover, you are able to export only those products which are published in your store, or the ones which are hidden in your store.

As another option, you can choose to export only the product that have an image in your store.

Please note that if you create an export task, Syncee collects the product data from your store in that moment. When you go back to your export task in the future to change the filters, first you will need to click on the Update products button, so Syncee can get the freshest product data from your store.

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