If you have a Shopify store with great products or you are selling your own products on your Shopify store, but you are looking for a great sales opportunity, you can integrate your products into the Supplier Exchange.

Syncee helps you in this process with its Product Export feature which is totally free at the moment.

You need to install Syncee from the app store: https://apps.shopify.com/syncee-1

This is how to integrate your products into the Supplier Exchange:
1, Log in to your Syncee Dashboard
2, Go to Export task
3, Start a new task and add your store
4, In the Structure settings choose the Syncee Supplier Exchange listing option.

As you can see, you do not have to edit anything else on this page, as all settings are already done for you.
5, Click on the Next button to save.
6, The field mapping step is locked, as we automatically connect your Shopify product fields with the necessary fields that we will use to integrate the products. If you would like to change anything here, please contact the support staf..
7, In the Filter step, you can choose which products you want to integrate into the Supplier Exchange from your online store. You can read more about the filter here.

8, In the pricig step, you can create a wholesale price from your street prices which are in the store. As all of the suppliers who we list there have a wholesale price, we recommend you to create a reasonable wholesale price that your merchants can use and put their own margin on it.

9, In the final step of the integration you will see a pop-up application form. Please fill this form out with the required company data. If you don't fill this form out your application won't be completed. 

10, We will review your application based on the data you submitted, and your products's quality and data. You will get a response from our staff within a few days.

Please note that you need to keep Syncee installed on your store for constant product syncronization, because your new retailers will always get the freshest product data from your store.

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