Jumpseller is an ecommerce solution that allows online merchants to create professional online stores easily. It is not only for retailers. Suppliers also use it to provide their products online.

Connecting Jumpseller to the Syncee for Suppliers app takes only a few clicks.

Connect Jumpseller to Syncee

There are two ways of installing the Syncee for Suppliers into your Jumpseller store. You can choose any of them.

#1 From Jumpseller

Go to your Jumpseller account and there to the Apps menu. Look for Syncee for Suppliers, and click on the name of it. After this, you have to click on the green Install App button. Your store will be connected to Syncee immediately. You are done now :)

You do not have to register an account again at Syncee's signup page as your account has been created automatically when you installed the application from Jumpseller!

#2 From Syncee

Go to Syncee's signup page to register an account to your Jumpseller store. At the first time you will log in, you are going to see a Getting started site where you can read useful information, and you will be also asked to fill out a form giving basic details about your brand for the future supplier listing.

If you want to export products from your Jumpseller store, you will have to click on the Export from store button at the fifth step where you can add your store. You can do it later as well in the app itself.

How to log into your Syncee acccount?

You can do it via your Jumpseller admin page, or via Syncee's login page.

How to start the product export in Syncee from your Jumpseller store to have them listed in the Syncee Marketplace?

Go to your Syncee supplier account, and click on the Product Upload menu > DataFeed Manager submenu. There you have to click on the Add Task button, name the task, click on the blue cross icon and choose the Jumpseller option from the dropdown menu.

You can see a thorough guide in the application about the integration process.

Do you need any help in the process? Reach out to hello@syncee.co.

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