Syncee is a product uploading and updating application. We offer two main solutions to retailers. You can choose which solution you would like to use, only one or both, it depends on only your needs. Both solutions have their own subscription plans so it is not needed to have both solutions activated.

Currently, we are running on the following ecommerce platforms: Shopify, Jumpseller, ShopRenter

What is the Syncee Marketplace?

You can find millions of products listed in the Syncee Marketplace from hundreds of suppliers from all over the world. We work with reliable suppliers who work with short lead time.

  • every technical setting has been made in advance for you
  • AI product search with advanced filter settings
  • create product catalogs in Syncee
  • pricing settings
  • filter settings
  • order routing
  • built-in retailer-supplier chat
  • product data uploads & updates automatically more times a day
  • + we are here to help in any settings, we provide free support

What is the Syncee DataFeed Manager?

Do you have a supplier partner who is not listed in our Marketplace? You can manage their products too using Syncee. You just need to bring us a proper, always updating product datafeed file.

  • Supported file formats: CSV, XML, XLS(X), JSON or TXT
  • Supported file sources: URL, (S)FTP, Google Drive URL, Google Docs URL, OneDrive URL, Dropbox URL, file upload
  • pricing settings
  • filter settings
  • product data uploads & updates automatically, daily
  • variants update
  • product export
  • + we are here to help in any settings, we provide free support

Do you have any questions about our service? Please read our other articles or contact us via the email address, or via our in-app chat.

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