It can happen you do not need every single product from your supplier and you need to sort out only those ones you wish to keep.

Check this video how to use our filter:

In order to filter the required products out, go to "Product Upload" click to your task.

Under the tab "Filter" you can set up a filtering rule by following the steps below:

- Click to "Add group" then the + sign

- From the first scroll-down menu choose for example "Product Type"

- From the next menu, choose the required filtering rule to keep or exclude categories

- Select the required categories in the search bar

- Click “Save and next” at the bottom of the page

For further help please check the animation below:

On the "Summary" page you will be able to see the number of products you have filtered out:

If you need any assistance regarding these steps, please do not hesitate to contact our free support.

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