Some suppliers require stores to request manual approval before being allowed to import and sell their products. They have spent lots of time and money building their brands, and many are not willing to sell through stores who don't fit their branding criteria.

Fortunately, we have a few simple tips to get approved by suppliers. The following is a short list of things to avoid in your store:

- Too many different types of products - Suppliers want to see that your store has a consistent theme. For example, if the supplier is selling handmade leather wallets and your store is selling electronics and pet products, they will most likely decline your request for being 'off brand'.

- Store does not appear operational - Few or no products, generic starter shopify theme, or not live yet.

- Store looks unprofessional - Blurry images, weird design, and odd colour schemes are examples of things that make a supplier decline stores. Take a look at some professional stores online and compare them to your store to help you get an idea of what makes a store look professional.

Avoid these common issues and you will have a much better chance of approval!

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