You can schedule a 15-minute-long demo which is a live screen share call where we can run through all Syncee features and benefits and you can also ask questions.

Please be advised that demos are only for introducing the app and how it works and not for solving Syncee related technical issues. If you have technical issues regarding Syncee please write to us either in our in-app chat or Email us at
Our technical colleagues are more than glad to help! Thank you.

Technical requirements for Syncee demo:

1. It is strongly recommended to use a computer / laptop and not a tablet / smartphone as we will share our screen.

2. You will need a working microphone and loudspeaker / headset so we can hear each other.

3. A good and stable internet connection is essential.

This is how Syncee demo works step-by-step:

1. You can book a demo at Please make sure that you select a time that is based on your own time zone, as Calendly adapts and syncs time zone differences. If you know that you can't attain the demo at that time or changed your mind, please reschedule / cancel it by clicking on the "Reschedule" or "Cancel" button in the event confirmation Email sent to you by Calendly. Thank you.

2. 10 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment for the demo, we will send you an Email with a Zoom invitation link to the demo.

as this email often lands there.

3. When you are connected via Zoom, please check in Zoom that your microphone and sound isn't muted (sometimes it may occur) This step is of course not necessary when we can both hear each other.

4. If everything works fine and we can hear each other well, we will then share our screen with you and we can introduce Syncee and you can also ask your questions.

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