If you are looking for a supplier and you want to import their product with Syncee so your online store can be always up-to-date, you will need the following information.

The supplier has to give you a data feed file in any formats like CSV, XML, XLS(X), JSON or TXT that contains every necessary data for having an e-shop with neat products.

Moreover, imagine being a supplier, or an online store owner who wants to become a supplier. You will have to create a data feed file so that retailers can use that with Syncee.

So if you have questions about the content of the file, make sure you include the following information too.

The data feed file has to contain:

  • SKU, Variant SKU
  • Barcode or Handle
  • Public Image URL
  • Title
  • Price
  • Inventory Quantity
  • Description
  • Option Value 1
  • Option Value 2

...and other crucial information needed.

Please note that every row means one product in the spreadsheet, and every column stands for only one information, for example the Description. If a product has more images, there have to be that amount of columns as images there are. So, for example the Image 1, Image 2 columns or separated by a comma in the same column.

You can add your data feed file to Syncee using (S)FTP, secured URL, URL , Dropbox URL , Google drive URL , OneDrive URL, API and SOAP too.

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